Itinerary: depart LAX Tues.11/5/02 arrive Tokyo
Wed. 11/6/02 depart for Bangkok two hours later.
Depart for Hanoi Thur. 11/7/02...1hour, 45 minute
flight.  Depart Hanoi for DaNang on Marine Corps
birthday.  Depart DaNang for Cambodia on
11/14/02...two days later fly back to Bangkok.  
After two days there, depart on Monday 11/18/02
for Los Angeles arriving in LAX the same day.
Hanoi is not a typical, modern, Asian city. Lots of people and an equal number of bicycles and
motorbikes ....noisy and it starts early in the morning.  The Old Quarter is exciting and
probably the most interesting part of town to stay.  The Vietnamese refer to the war as the
"American War"....hard to get use to that!
Hanoi Pictures
picture taken from a NVA who
was killed in action in 1967.
Ha Long Bay
Hang Dau Go
Ha Long means
"dragon descending"
The trip to Ha Long Bay was not part of the itinerary but we heard so much about it
and having tired of Hanoi we decided to take the harrowing 3to 4 hour  car ride. A
really special place and recommed it to all.
The three pictures above were taken at the Furama Resort.  
This was the best place in town to stay in 2002. The food and
drink were great  You could tell that they were preparing the
infrastructure for the developement of more hotels in the area.
The trip to Hue on Highway 1 is spectacular.  The
picture above is at the 4,000ft. summit of Hai Van
Pass.  This had to be a harrowing trip in the 60's and
70's.  I heard it took a convoy all day to make the trip
over the Pass.  Great view from up there
Nui Kim Son / Marble mountain