John and Paul , September 2003 at the
Wilshire Grand hotel in Los Angeles
Moana Surfrider Hotel-next to
Banyan Tree
Waikiki Beach, February 24,1966
S-2 Scout, Mike Cunha, 1967
the"NEW GUY".
Mike Cunha on top of Crows Nest. In
November 2002 when visiting Marble
Mountain Cunha was covinced he still
knew the way up the side of the rock.  
I had to hold him back!
Stoddards in the spider hole
passing the rifle to Lee
View of  Crows Nest in November 2002
Sgt. Henry and John Stoddard.  Prisoner
showed Scouts ten caves that lead to
capture of 14 V.C.  Operation Circe II
Do Phi Hung (Interpreter)-red scarf   
Operation CirceII
Mike Murray and John Stoddard at the
228th. Marine Corps Birthday lunch at
the Wilshire Grand Hotel in L.A.  Mike
and his wife Marci live in Portland,
Oregon  Lots of hair and it's still red!!
Former V.C. who came in under the
Chieu Hoi Program. Two days after
picture one with watch was killed by
enemy granade in the face.Names
were Tic and Bayh
Lee Service also received the
Bronze Star with  combat "V" as
part of this action.  In the tunnel
that the grenade originated from
John Stoddard pulled a nice
Walther PPK pistol ... and over
the flip of a coin gave it up to Lee
who still has it in his possesion in
Ruskin, Florida
Interpreters for H & S Scouts.  
Bottom picture is at Hung's home in
DaNang.  This was off-limits and
Stoddard ended up in the Brig
following the picture taking along
with Cunha who is taking the
picture. Service escaped the MPs
3/1 area of operations.  We
covered most of this area on
foot and got to know it very
well.  You woudn't
recognize much today...only
Marble Mountain.  Click to
open up.
1967 Starlite Scope
issued with new M-17's.
1967 Scout
1967 Scout
Roger Elmore
Tim and his wife Janice have been
married since 1967 and have two
daughters.  They presently live in
Michigan.  Tim recently had a hip
replacement but still thinks he is as tuff as
the old days!!
S-2 Scout Tim Ackerson     1966
Crows Nest, Marble Mountain
H&S Company: Paul Smith had his
parents  send over cloths to give to the
local children.  Here is a picture of Paul
and the Captain in charge of S2 Scouts
with on of the recepients. Late 1966 or
early 1967 probably Nui Kim Son.

Jerry Bowerman, H&S Co.
3/1  81 F.O. April 67   
John Stoddard with Eddie Jonsson in
2007 outside the Pan Pacific hotel in
Seattle, WA.  Eddie is the Chief
Engineer for the development project.  
He was a Sniper attached to 3/1 circa
1966.  I didn't know him but Mike
Cunha did remember him...more to
The motto Gung-ho (work together) was started by Marine Captain Evans F. Carlson.  He learned the
term from the Chinese Communists while serving as a Assistant Navel Attache in China.  Barbara W.
Stilwell and the American Experience in China ,1911-45
Ralph Rubalcava, Phoenix, AZ
Lt. Robison, Utaha
Paul M. Smith
Paul M. Smith
Jeffrey Lee Service
In November,1966 Roger Blake Tjernberg a Marine
(0311) from Mike Co. and my home town of Aberdeen,
WA looked me up at Battalion HQ.  He lost his life on
2/03/67  in Quang Nam Province
Virtual Wall
April, 1967  H& S Co. Scout/Snipers
Mike Cunha and Roger Elmore
Operation Teton
Anybody know the Marine
on my right?  I was a Scout
with H&S Co. at this time.
Paul Smith, Mike Cunha and John
Stoddard at the 3/1 Memorial
Dedication Ceremony on Thursday,
Mike Cunha and Col Willard A. Buhl