Seems just like yesterday....who
could ever guess what lay ahead
Jeffrey L. Service, Paul M. Smith, James
B. Stevenson and John S. Stoddard
graduated from Bootcamp in Platoon
182 on November 09,1965 and served
in 3/1 together.
John Stoddard visiting the Vietnam
Memorial  on Memorial Day 1985
Craig Rovelstad, Dan Swift and
Stoddard (1967) Craig was an Embassy
Guard in Saigon during TET Offensive in
1968 and Dan  had the same job in
South Vietnamese money  1967    
100 Piasters equals $1.18    
Staging Battalion, 1967
Captured money from an
NVA Paymaster-1967
Rich Bond filling a make shift
shower at what remains of
Ngan Cau patrol base.
Lou Albert and Rich Bond
Lcpl. Larry Nyman
Second from left  Larry Nyman,
11/10/2003 with KILO Co. vets at
the Wilshire Grand Hotel in Los
Angeles.  Larry presently lives in
South Pasadena, Ca.
3/1 Marines are everywhere!!  While
shopping at Nordstom in Glendale, Ca.
in 2002 Larry approached me to inquire
why I was going to Vietnam.  From
there we discovered we both sailed to
RVN in 1966 on the Weigel and served
in 3/1.  Larry was a LIMA Co." Grunt".
I met Ron Quinn in
Aberdeen,Washington while we were
both driving beer trucks for summer
employment. Yes, these were great jobs
for a couple of former Marines.  Ron is
being profiled on this 3/1 site because he
is a great friend and great Marine!!
Ron graduated from MCRD in 1966
with Platoon129. Departed San Diego
on the USS Henrico in late July or early
August 1966,crossed the International
Date Line on 8/11/66. Ron was an 0351
and served with H&S Co. 2nd.
Battalion, 26th. Marines which was
attached to 3/3. After 13 months he
returned  home (by Merchant Ship) on  
October '67.
James A. Rubert (right),Captain
L.A.P.D.. Commanding Officer, Central
Patrol Division.  Jim helped organize the
1st. annual birthday lunch for Marines in
the L.A. area in 2003. John Stoddard on
John Stoddard (l),Ron Quinn (r)
standing in his Pistachio orchard in
Tulare, Ca. July 10,2005
Ron flies the Marine Corps flag
above his outbuilding
Ron Quinn
Ron Quinn, Cassidy
and Bill McBride
Looking south towards Da Nang
from atop Hai Van Pass.  
Probably one of the few working
railroad trains in RVN.
Larry Ryan(l) and
Robert Joseph
Ron would like help locating Robert Joseph and Larry
Ryan who were both from the Los Angeles area
Captain Latting was Company
Commander of  MIKE Company in
1966. To the right is a picture of
Chuck and John Stoddard in 2003.
Chuck and his wife Rhoda live in South
Pasadena, California.  Chuck is retired
from the F.B.I.
YouTube-one minute, and fifteen seconds into
this two minute vignette are two Marines from the
above graduating platoon.  I believe their names
are  Billy G. Freeman and   Bobbie G. Gray.
There is no explanation as to who they are there
or why they are there...if in fact it is the two of
them.  Does anybody know the story??  Great
sound track by Jefferson Airplane (White Rabbit)