(LtoR) Cpl. Anthony Chaires,
1st. Plt., Jim Keely (HQ) and
unidentified.  USS Catamount
LSD 17, Jan.1966 enroute to
Operation Double Eagle
Jim Keely
Lou Albert and Jim Keely
Easter Sunday, 1966 on
Snaggletooth Island.
Jim Keely retired June 21,1989 and lives in Oceanside,
California with his wife Michiko.  They have three sons.
The middle son is a Marine Gunnery Sergeant.
Joe A. Daily
Chu Lai
Current picture of Jim
Keely (2003).
(left) Tu Cau Bridge in
November 2002.  (right)
same bridge probably in
1967 when I believe it
was built. Bridge is just
west of old 3/1 area. It
also brings you into Hoi
An from the northeast.   
The area called "The Sand Dunes" is
located 2 miles S.E. of Marble
Mountain, near the hamlets of Khai-1
and Khai-2 and 2
1/2 miles east of Tan
An Hamlet and the South China Sea.
Major Contact
15 January 1967
Background: In late November 1966,
while assigned to S-2 Scouts, Paul
Smith, John Stoddard, Lee Service and
Mike Cunha formed two teams and
crawled outside the perimeter of this
position and planted Intrusion Devices in
the ground.  These devices were planted
in the areas that the 15 Jan. 67 attack  
came from. These devices were hard
wired to monitoring equipment in the
command bunker. Never was able to
determine if the devices were operational
on the night of the attack.  To my regret
I was sleeping at 3/1 Battalion Area
when the attack occurred.   
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See area map located on H & S Scouts page
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The above information was presented to me by Greg  DeGeer from KILO Company.  This narrative was
developed by Jack B. Mitchell from MIKE Company in his support of a Silver Star for Cpl. Robert Denman of
MIKE Co., 1st. Platoon.
1966 Kilo Company veterans
celebrate the U.S.M.C. 228th.
Birthday at the Wilshire Grand Hotel
in L.A. Left to right: Jon Bolton,
John Stoddard, Jim Keeley, Lou
Albert and Joe Daily. Jon Bolton
was with Kilo Co., 1st. Platoon on
January 15,1966  which is
referenced above this picture.  He  
was awarded the Purple Heart for
wounds he received that night.
My M14 Story: On the morning of 7
February 1967 I reinserted a magazine in my M14
and let the bolt chamber a fresh round.  During the
day, off and on, I provided cover as Lee Service and
myself took turns crawling in and out of small
tunnels. Late in the day, believing a cave whose
entrance was in the dirt floor of a one room hootch
was empty, I rested my rifle against the wall...just
then a hand  comes up through the entrance and
drops a grenade at my feet.  I run, count to four and
dive to the ground.  The grenade explodes....I jump
up, find my M14 and put it to the temple of the
V.C. as he comes up out of the hole with his hands
up.  I make eye contact with him and pull the
CLICK.  No round in the chamber.  The
lucky V.C. can be seen on my Scout page.
LCPL. Thomas E. Nowik
Purple Heart Recipient.  
Tom lives in Bolingbrook,  
The pictures below were provided by
Richard Carnes. Rich was in 1st.
Platoon Weapons. The pictures are
Circa August/September 1966.  They
were taken at the Battalion Base south
of Marble Mountain.
1st. Platoon Kilo Company
This picture was taken in front of the
Hotel Warsaw in DaNang while on R&R
Click to enlarge all pictures
John Wheeler (left) and
Richard Carnes (right),
catching a little sack time.
Richard (L) and John (R)
Position  Row #1                          Row #2                                       Row #3
1                                       Robert Demark     
2     Richard Carnes           John  Wheeler                      
3     Curtis L. Bennett        John T.Schomber                                     
4     Gary W. Turner          Jon Bolton
5                                       William "Bill" C. Marks              Wade Early III      
6     Kenny Christiansen     Shellie Reed
7     Doc Edward Cox       George Wymore
8     Thompson Flute
9                                                                                         Mario A. Rojas
10    William A. Dodson (??)                                                David Schaughency
13    Lt. Richard Morgan
Back of 1st. Row    Sgt. Alverez
...another happy Marine.
John Wheeler. John is a
retired Gunnery
Sergeant and now lives
in Tacoma, Washinton.
John Wheeler made Staff Sergeant in
two years.  During that period he earned
two Purple Hearts and a Silver Star for
action on the night of January 15, 1967
(see above for details)
Richard Carnes (left) and
John Wheeler (right)
inspecting the tank treads.
Marines drop their drawers
at the 3/1 Battalion Aid
Station for their annual
Gamaglobulin shots
Staff Sergeant Binkley, Platoon
Sgt.-2nd.Platoon , wounded  
Operation Texas
Rich Carnes enjoys a care
package from home...KoolAid
and canned fruit
(L to R), Tony Mancuso,
Sgt. Hoagland, Jerry
Durheim,& Ron Bice
1st. Platoon takes a rest after a day of
running patrol.  (l to r) Cpl. Schultz,
Harold Smith, Rich Bond, unknown
(from Georgia), Johnson and unknown
(L to R), Jerry, Durheim, Sgt.
Hoagland, Ron Bice & Tony
The above Marines are all part of
1st. Platoon on the first day of
liberty prior to departing for RVN
Need help on this
Marines name!
Staff Sgt. Schaffer,
Camp San Mateo
Preston Moses 1st. Platoon 1966-67
and a recent Navy retirement picture.  
Commander  (Pilot)
HM3 Tuttle, 1st. Platoon
HM3 Mitchell, 2nd. Platoon
1st. Sgt. Jimmie Wood,
U.S.M.C. Retired,
Platoon Sgt., 2nd.
Jim Keely, Ricardo Pardo and Robert
Garrett all from 1st. Platoon, KILO Co.
Miguel A. Marrero-Rivera
Weapons Platoon 1966-67
The pictures below (8) were provided by J. S. Weathers in
June 2004.   Jim presently lives in Martinez, Georgia
Jim on left and a Marine on
right named Delbert
help on the Marine in the
Jim (1965), Okinawa,
Camp Schwab
Jim on right,
Operation Texas,
no pain
July 1966
Check-point at Marble
Mountain-Doug Deron
Weapons Platoon
LtoR, Sgt. Cobb, Sgt.
Bartkoski, Sgt. Botkins
and Jim Weathers in front
Deron on left and Jim
on the right near
Marble Mountain
Lt. Judd Kinny (right),
Radioman Jackie Sweasy,
2nd. Platoon, Kilo Co., 3/1
Summer of 1967    
The pictures below were provided by
Don R Foster, Kilo Company, 2nd.
Platoon.  Don and Charlie Atkerson
from 81mm Platoon made contact after
locating this site.
Top left,Marine on right the last name Duval?
I would appreciate help
with names. If you see a
picture of yourself, let me
know and send a current
picture to add to the
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Click on image to view larger image-go to
lower right hand corner to view full size
I was with 60 mortars wpns platoon kilo co when we were overrun. I and two other men were firing the mortar that night. We blewup the small mess hall
among other things. Your map of the perimeter and positions is the first I have ever seen. Did you make the map? My hooch was right by the spotter plane; it
was blown up by satchel charge and I was spared with out injury. Do you know of any where I could get more information on this engagement? I do remember
a taped after action report we participated in. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Harry W Faber
YouTube-DaNang Air Base 1965
Some people had pretty nice
Jim & Freda (front) and their
daughter in left rear.  They
were in Pasadena for the
Rose Parade and to visit
daughter who lives in L.A.
Charlie Atkerson
Don R. Foster
Larry  "Flip" Phillips
Third Platoon